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Taxon: equipment for
professional cleaning
Made in Italy since 1953

Industrial cleaning

The Taxon equipment dedicated to cleaning large surfaces, such as mops and cleaning trolleys, are produced using the most resistant components, the best materials, the most resistant fibers to offer the best results to professional users, for maximum satisfaction of end customers

The environments of the industrial cleaning category

As every operator in the sector knows, cleaning industrial environments concern all those public or private places where high concentrations of people occur, for the most varied reasons.
This category includes factories, public and private offices that receive the public on a daily basis, such as banks, or large private companies visited by large numbers of people. Also the railway stations and the train carriages, the airports and consequently also the airplanes, the barracks, the shopping centers, movie theaters and theaters fall into the category of industrial cleaning

A really large typology of environments, each with specific characteristics that identify it.
What all these places have in common, in relation to the problem of cleaning industrial floors, is the high in some cases very high traffic intensity of people who visit them, like in airports. It is precisely this element that makes a qualified and adequate surface cleaning program essential in order to increase and maintain a high level of hygiene and comfort of the environment over time. It is also important to consider the importance of the sanitizing aspect to avoid the spread of possible pathogens that, in environments with high human attendance, can spread extremely quickly.

The importance of the quality of work tools

The importance of using an effective and efficient floor cleaning system is evident. In situations where the surfaces are large, use equipment that guarantees a high yield of detergents, that can be easily rinsed and perfectly washable at the end of the work, that have an abrasion resistance and therefore that have a long life, is in able to make the difference both in terms of quality and the cost of purchasing the equipment.

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