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Taxon: since 1953 we produce only
professional cleaning equipment

Products for industrial cleaning

The industrial and professional cleaning products manufactured and marketed by Taxon are produced with the most modern production techniques which together with the quality control of the materials used guarantee the best features for maximum durability.

Taxon product lines

The various lines of Taxon professional cleaning equipment are designed to be real professional cleaning systems, practical, quick to use and replace, long-lasting, with materials that are easy to wash and maintain. They are designed for cleaning and sanitizing in environments:

• Community

Products designed with our customers

It is from the collaboration with our customers, from the exchange of ideas, from the understanding of their needs and requests, that new ideas are born for the new Taxon brand items. It is thanks to this approach that we have developed and will continue to develop equipment for industrial cleaning in line with the needs of companies and operators in the sector. To obtain professional products cleaning floors increasingly targeted and dedicated to individual needs to operate with maximum results in the various work environments and give our customers the best products to carry out professional cleaning activities.

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