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Taxon: the best
sanitation equipment
for food activities

HACCP cleaning and sanitizing for HoReCa environments

Taxon has created a line of HACCP cleaning and sanitizing equipment dedicated to Cleaning Companies operating in Hotels, Restaurants and Catering companies. Floor mop mop, microfibre dust mop and professional cleaning trolleys are Taxon's flagship products. Quality of materials, long life, ease of use and washing are the features recognized by our customers.

Being able to offer quality services, guaranteeing the highest degree of cleanliness are the elements capable of making the difference between having a customer fully satisfied and one dissatisfied with the result of the work of the Cleaning Company. Taxon is at the side of companies to offer them the best tools to carry out their operational tasks in the best and shortest time.

HACCP cleaning and sanitizing equipment

Taxon cleaning equipment is in line with HACCP regulations regarding construction materials. The mop and dust mop fibers are in high absorbency fibers, with high sanitizing capacity and easily washable. The telescopic aluminum handles have a customizable and easily disinfectable plastic handle. All the products are available in 4 colors to make it easier to organize cleaning job, removing the risk of cross contamination.

The high efficiency cleaning system

An efficient cleaning system dedicated to the HoReCa world must consist of many elements. One of these is the equipment that the cleaning companies use every day. The quality of Taxon equipment makes it possible to optimize the use of detergent and sanitizing products in cleaning operations to guarantee the highest hygiene standards, removing all residues from food preparation and distribution, avoiding the spread of mold and pathogens.

Discover the Taxon products n the catalog, suitable for hygiene and cleaning of healthcare environments.

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