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Taxon: the best equipment for the
cleaning of healthcare environments

Hospital hygiene and sanitation

Taxon products have been designed to guarantee the highest degree of cleanliness and hospital sanitization and all healthcare environments.

For this reason, in the selection of dust mop and mop materials, those with the highest degree of absorbency have been chosen, capable of ensuring the maximum sanitizing results during work, the highest degree of washability and removal of dirt from their fibers during the phases of washing following their washing to guarantee the best cleaning and sanitation of hospital environments.

These instruments, combined with the Qo-Kart multipurpose cleaning trolley, completely made of polypropylene, ensure the highest degree of cleaning and sanitation for hospital and health environments for the maximum peace of mind of those who frequent and live in these environments.

Cleaning and sanitizing healthcare environments

Clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers are places subject to the transmission of pathogens, because they are frequented by people suffering from diseases that can spread them to other visitors. The importance of hygiene in these structures is even greater than in all other situations. For this reason, very strict protocols and procedures have been implemented and applied for a long time to preserve and, in the case, restore the maximum level of hygiene, cleanliness of hospital environments and of all those associated with healthcare environments.
An efficient cleaning system consists of several components. One of them is the equipment used by cleaning companies and their operators which, together with detergent and hospital sanitizing products, can guarantee the highest hygiene standards, limiting the spread of micro-organisms and the spread of infections and viruses.

Discover the Taxon products n the catalog, suitable for hygiene and cleaning of healthcare environments.

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