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We produce items for
industrial cleaning since 1953

About us

We produce professional equipment for cleaning environments, such as screw mop and kentucky mop of different sizes and weight, professional dust mop, glass cleaning equipment, trolleys for industrial cleaning.

We have a long history, started in 1953 immediately with a success: we were the first to bring the Mop to Italy, improving it compared to the American model, patenting a new fixing system. More simple and durable.
Since then we have focused on the production of equipment for cleaning the rooms, introducing various other items for the professional market, to give our customers and end users products of the highest quality for materials used and for their duration.
In our factory in Borgo Fornari we also produce all aluminum items (handles, ALUMINIUM SUPPORT FOR WINOW WASHER,, telescopic POLES, where we also assemble Taxon-branded plastic items, such as the floor-cleaning TROLLEYS with wringer and multi-function trolleys.



In 2017 and 2018 we introduced 2 new automatic machines, unique on the market and designed to automate and standardize the production of Mops and dustmop enabling us to respond promptly to the most urgent requests and at the same time introducing the possibility of customizing textile items for the customers.
The recent introduction of the Qo-kart plastic multi-function trolley was the first sign of the new production and service philosophy, as well as being the starting point for the development of a complete line of made in Italy plastic trolleys.
The optimization of the different phases of order management and the internal organization are aimed at providing the customer with an attentive and personalized service. Our internal system, in fact, allows the customer to always relate to the staff responsible for his order. This allows faster and more reliable management of your order.

The markets

Taxon is present throughout the Italian market, with agents and a widespread network of customers, it is also developing on foreign markets. It currently exports to the following countries: Austria, E.A.U., France, Germany, Kuwait, Lithuania, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland.

The foreign market currently represents 30% of total turnover and is in constant, regular growth.

Cartina dei paesi dove esportiamo i prodotti Taxon
Macchina per la produzione di attrezzature professionali per la pulizia degli ambienti


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