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The mop is the basis of the Taxon story, infact we were the ones who imported the idea from the united states, impruving several characteristics.

Infact when mr. Tassone saw it for the first time in america understood all its potential. He studied it and identified its critical points and created a new fixing system, more efficient then the orginal idea and it was so well designed that it was imitated by all italian and international producers, as well as being sold by us until recently.

Then recently in Taxon we wanted to improve it again.

Why improve an already excellent product?

Because everthing can be improved even a great product. As everyone knows, floor mops. Consist of two parts: the cleaning fibers and the fixing system that blocks the yarns while making a connection with the stick.

One of the activities that we have privileged over the year has been to identify suppliers of raw materials that allow us to have high absorption yarn for a longer and longer duration of the mop. But not only, all the cleaning operators know that yield of excellent quality able to guarantee a long life of the mops, allow the same time to improve the cleaning operations, extenting the time between a rinse and the other, has a high quality fiber makes the work of workers, easier and enhances its hourly yield, allowing them to increase the square meters treated for hour.

The Taxon philosophy oriented towards the highest quality of materials for cotton mops and microfibre mops has guided us to look for natural materials and synthetic materials from suppliers that guarantee the highest requirements, constant over time this to ensure we supply yarn with the best features on the market and guaranteesa our customers that our mops for floor cleaning will have constant performance.

Then a problem arose

It may seem strange but having reached such a high quality of yarn has created a problem for the fixing support, tought several decades before when the fibers were less efficient, for its comparison did not allow to fully exploit the yarn of cleaning mops until the last. We had great product that could not fully exploit.

How we solved it

We soved it in the only possible way, rejecting the fixing fitting making it stronger and more resistant. Today our fixing system allows you to exploit our professional mops at the bottom, thanks to the shape is in contact with the yarn. Another step forward to our final customers who are attentive to productivity and the duration of their working tools as a spare mop.

The advantages of Taxon mop

By reading up to here someone may think there are many beautiful words. In Taxon we are concrete the pluses of the mops touch hand:
The yarn is extremely resistant for the longest life.
The yarn is high degree of absorption and more east to rinse.
• The most resistant fixing system allows you to exploit the mop completely.

Are you interested in discovering how much a mop Taxon is convenient? Request the excel file to calculate your real savings.

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